Friday, April 17, 2015

My Spring/Summer Wardrobe Update

         When it comes to shopping, I consider myself like every other young(ish) trendy gal; when I get any sort of money, it burns a dark hole in my pocket and I itch to spend it almost immediately. If you don't have this problem, awesome! For those of you who do, know my tremendous struggle. Hence the reason why my husband does our finances and budgeting instead of me. If it was up to me, I would much rather book a vacation than pay a debt because .. well.. YOLO.

         But, for the past few months, I actually held onto some money and planned my spring/summer wardrobe a  little bit better. At first, I purchased this jacket from Express. Even though it is beautiful and when I got it was only $30, it's not really me and doesn't go with too much I already own. Plus, with a larger bust,  it falls strangely across the chest. I went back, and instead purchased sandals since my puppy destroyed my only pair of flip flops and both my gladiators have been long ago falling apart.

       I also saw this yellow blouse in Forever 21 and immediately images were dancing in my head of beautiful outfits I could put together with it; high waisted pants, wide leg linen pants, destroyed shorts... my list went on.

1. Express  sandals $29.90 30% off right now! ($20.00)    2. Forever 21  yellow blouse $22.90

HM lyocel blouse     $9.95, didn't even HAVE to think about this one, I've worn it a few times already since purchasing it a couple weeks ago, couldn't be happier. seen here

A few of the things are not up on the websites of the stores. I could not find these shorts or the high waisted white skinny pants. However, you can find them in H&M for $9.95! The white eyelet blouse is Forever 21 found here. It looks a bit different on the model, it is much wider at the hem on me and a bit more swing-y, it also shows more back on me. But, both of these are beautiful quality and detail for around $20. You do not need to spend too much for a quick summery bright update. A few fresh pieces will take you a long way, just focus on purchasing items that can go with items you already own.

This bikini is also Forever 21 his one and more here. If you are looking for a higher waist and not something cheap from China, Forever 21 is a good bet (I found the bottoms to run pretty small, so the bottom here is a medium even though I wear a 4). They have a ton of styles online. Another good one for high waist swimwear is Aerie. 

Thanks for reading about my new fun purchases! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What I Wore: Mixing Textures

The weather has been crazy here on the east coast and it can not make up its mind. Is it spring? Is it winter? Who knows.. I threw on a few layers to help with this dilemma. In the sun, I was perfectly fine without the coat, but when the wind hits and you go in the shade it feels like January. I am wearing:

White Shirt from H&M, only $9.95!   /    Blue sweater from Poland, Top Secret brand     /      French Connection sleeveless jacket( few years old) here on Poshmark     /     Coat here     /      Faux leather leggings from Forever 21      /    Booties  here  for $32.     /        Bag here from H&M

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Luck of the Irish

            Remember your early 20's when going out for St. Patrick's day was as big a thing as New Years Eve? ...And picking the perfect outfit was just as important? Bars, clubs, and all sorts of lounges make it into week long celebrations to milk as much cash as they can out of the party goers. We don't mind because it is a reason to get together with friends and be merry and drink. I have put together a compilation of some sweet St. Patty's Day gear for you guys, including one special dress that is ridiculously low priced and gorgeous(#7).

           1. Body Con Dress                           2. Lace Dress                         3.Flutter Sleeve Blouse             
         4. Green Suede Skrt         5. Sequined Dress         6.  Striped Sweater          7. Wrap Dress with 53% off!

          * The code for this dress is good until the end of this month.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Head Case: Spring Accessories

      Spring and upcoming Fall/Winter trends have shown a major interest in bohemian and hippie vibes. The general focus is the 70's look. I am pretty ecstatic about this because I secretly love this look, although it's hard for me to pull off. It makes me wish I kept my bell bottoms and chokers from 1999! What I really love for the spring time is all the beautiful head accessories, and this no longer includes only hats.. I have been seeing these really whimsical hair/head chains, that before now would only work on actresses in fantasy films, but it fits so well with the bohemian look and it doesn't take a certain body type to pull it off. It seems like the perfect intro to the bohemian style of the upcoming seasons!

1-4  are Forever21      5.  She Inside      6.   She Inside       7.  Nasty Gal

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Nasty Disappointment

       So if any of you guys have been following this blog from the beginning, you may know just how big a fan I am (or was) of Nasty Gal and Sophia Amoruso. Do not get me wrong, I still adore pretty much everything that I lay my eyes on from their website, but it's a love/hate relationship because I really don't want to like it that much anymore.

        There are just so many things being said, and they do sound like just rumors, yet a lot of them have a resource and internet proof (which is just as good, right?). I first discovered the shadiness on a thread that was all about Nasty Gal. If you don't know by  now, Sophia Amoruso started her business by selling vintage and thrifted items on Ebay that she re-merchandised and she made it look good. She made bank. Later, she moved away from Ebay and started her own website where she sells new and vintage. Most recently, she opened a store in CA. I loved this story because it was a rags to riches dream. She didn't graduate college, and she seemed like a super savvy business woman who made it on her own with no handouts. So back to the shade... The people on this thread claim that these one of a kind 'vintage' pieces she owned were actually super cheap items she bought in bulk and sold as vintage with crazy inflated prices. After she sold an item to the highest bidder, she would supposedly go to the losing bids and tell them that the winning bidder backed out and the item is still available (which, duh, it is because she has 20 of them...).  So this is just one scandal I didn't like the sound of.

        The other incident is the etsy bracelet that she allegedly copied the design of and etsy seller. A photo of the bracelet was put on instagram and the supposed original designer of the bracelet came forward. What ensued was just so unprofessional coming directly from Sophia Amoruso stating : "Great promotion for whatsherface. No way we knew that a goofy charm bracelet was invented by miss @saylorrose. By the way, when we know something is a knock off, we act. No way to pay attention to every single mom of an Etsy scrapbooker out there" .... 

Just rubs me the wrong way, ya know?

       On top of this, there are all the terrible reviews on Glass Ceiling of the company, saying they only care about how you look and employees can only advance if they suck up, management is terrible and HR even wose.. etc

I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

In other news!! I am adopting a set of twins(surgically) this Tuesday. I wanted to let you guys know before you discover it for yourselves in my next OOTD post. I want to be real with my readers, and I have nothing to hide. :) Having children takes a fewtoll on your body and sometimes things happen that you are less than happy with, and life is too short to be unhappy! So, don't be shy, if this is something you are thinking about or curious about, let me know and I would be happy to answer some questions about this experience.

                                                             Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentines Day Lingerie

Valentines day is right around the corner, and although we don't really celebrate it around here (everyday is valentines day for me and not to mention it's a made up Hallmark holiday), I do find it a good excuse to get pretty lingerie(or just look at it). It's no secret wearing pretty undergarments(by themselves or under our clothes) makes every single woman feel more beautiful and we hold our head a little bit higher and walk with more strut, it's amazing the confidence boost you can get! And it doesn't have to be super expensive, either. H&M has 50% off their already marked down sale items, including intimates. They have pretty lace panties for 50 cents! No joke... 

 Many retailers around this time come up with special looks just for this time of year, and more often than not, the styles are gorgeous! My favorites to check out are Nastygal (because what place is more appropriate to shop for lingerie than a place called 'nastygal'?) and Agent Provocateur. Nasty gal is without a doubt more affordable, with a set of pajamas at Agent running you around $800 and bras more in the range of $250. Their items are beautiful for a  special occasion, though, such as a honeymoon or valentines day, if you have the cash to spend. I can not speak on the quality of the nasty gal lingerie, but do have a few clothing pieces from there and they are good quality, contrary to recent discussions about their items being the opposite. I do have the pleasure of owning a pajama set from Agent Provocateur, and I can honestly say it's one of the most beautiful, luxurious things I own! Sadly, the bottoms do not fit me anymore after having a baby(they run very slim in the waist and don't have a stretch waistband but a zipper). The one I own looks like this, but I have the black one: 
I usually wear a camisole or bralette underneath the jacket. 

A few of my favorites:

All Nastygal, with the exception of the tiny red set at the bottom. That one is Agent Provocateur. 
For the gorgeous Valentines Day styles at Nasty Gal you can shop Here

                                                                  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Perfect Imperfections: Asymmetry, Cut-outs, And Mismatches

Perfect Imperections: Asymmetry, cut-outs, and mismatches

Done are the days of perfectly coiffed hair and matchy-matchy outfits. There are still occasions where polished and neat are appropriate, however, effortlessly chic is more the look nowadays as well as for the upcoming seasons and I think recent fashion has reflected that greatly in these trends.

Asymmetry and cut-outs have been around for a while, so this is not new ground breaking news to most fashion savvy people of today. It is one of my favorite trends that have been around. It's amazing how much more interesting a simple black dress/skirt can be once you make the hem asymmetrical! Something to think about when you want to update an old skirt or dress that you found in the deep dark corners of your closets!

                                                       Thanks for reading!