Friday, July 18, 2014

TGIF: Date Night Looks

      In honor of Friday and the weekend, I wanted to create some really fun date night looks. Having a child it makes it harder to get out and enjoy date nights, but when they do come along I try to go all out. I came up with two different looks, one is a glam girly look and the other is a little bit rock and roll. Both appeal to me because I am a little bit of both and regularly switch between the two, among other looks as well.  The first is the girly look with a cropped bustier top and skinny jeans with seductive red lips and patent heels to match :

Crop stripe top -Clover Canyon    /    J Brand skinnies     /    Jessica Simpson pumps      /      Bracelet - She Inside     /     Earings

The second look is a combo of leather and the effortless look of a white tee in a dress version paired with gold accents. It would also be fun to layer a long sleeve sweater on lop of the dress and under this leather vest for the colder weather coming up within a couple months :

         Dress- Goodnight Macaroon    /       Leather jacket/vest       /       Derek Lam bootie- on sale!     
                                                                   fab 90's style tacky earings :)

Hope you guys enjoy these looks, and I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun and safe weekend!

                                                                         Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday: What I Wore

Another quick Outfit of the day post.

Today, I went out for a spontaneous little lunch date and threw this together but I thought it looked very cute so I decided to share. I am wearing high waisted jeans and a very plain white top. I accessorized heavily with a chain belt and the leopard print sneakers. This little lace bra is also too beautiful to hide. 

I was going for a rock and roll casual chic look.

Pants and top are both H&M. The sneakers are Cynthia Rowley. 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Brand: KMercurio Italian Leather Handbags

      So today I want to talk about some gorgeous bags. A friend of a friend of mine has started a new handbag line. I am really excited for her, but also more excited because these bags are really beautiful! They are of very good quality and made in Italy with fine leathers. Here is a bit about Kayla and the new brand:

'Kayla Mercurio is a Naturalized U.S. Citizen of Italian and Filipino ancestry. As an infant, she was adopted and raised in the United States.
As a child, she always showed an interest in the arts and fashion design. Now she has brought these interests together to release a line of handbags that are manufactured in Italy from fine Italian leather as the KMercurio brand.
She hopes that you will find the bags she has chosen to be of high quality and as exciting as she does. She presents the following bags as her current offering and will be continually choosing new styles to add to the line at frequent intervals.'

                                          Just a few of my favorites:

I am a sucker for a nice neutral tone, but there are a few in vibrant beautiful colors. As of right now the price range is $140- $292, but for this quality it is surely worth it! They have free shipping to 48 US states as of right now. Bags do come with a 1 year warranty and cleaning/repair options afterwards. All bags come with a dust bag as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for more styles, as of right now the site is bare since they are brand spanking new as of today! 
                                       Check out the new site here, or to purchase one of these bad boys. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Impromptu Dinner Date

       This is just a very quick little outfit post. It was one of those days where you have a specific craving for something.. Yesterday my husband, daughter and I had a very spontaneous dinner date for some Mexican food. He had heard good things about Amigos Taqueria in Westerly Rhode Island so we went over to check it out. It was pretty good, my husband enjoyed the mole sauce and the drinks were fantabulous!

Excuse the hair, this is what happens when it dries naturally:

Carne Asado burrito, and yes I did eat that. 

Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kendra Thornton's Miami Fashion Challenge

       There is absolutely no question about how much I love Miami and exploring the city and the beach side. A couple of days ago, I was contacted by Kendra Thornton to participate in a fashion challenge for her upcoming mini-vacation to Miami. Clearly, I was excited to join the challenge since I love this beautiful city, was just there a few months ago, and wanted to live vicariously through this challenge of Kendra's!
       " Life in the digital age is great in part because of the way we all get to interact with a variety of other individuals with skill, interests and talents that complement our own. I love to travel, and any time I go on a trip, I take the time to research my destination online. For an upcoming trip to Miami, I got some great tips from Gogobot. I found the perfect accommodations at the sophisticated and luxurious Biltmore Hotel. This is one of Miami’s premiere hotels , built in 1926,  it features sumptuous guest rooms and suites as well as modern amenities. I’m super excited for this romantic getaway that I’ll be enjoying with my husband."

      I have never personally stayed at the Biltmore, but it looks very luxurious and beautiful!

"During our stay in South Beach, we’ll be enjoying some amazing fitness amenities at our hotel. I am a yoga enthusiast, so I definitely plan on taking advantage of the yoga studio that overlooks the spectacular scenery of the resort’s golf course. The Biltmore Hotel offers over 100 exercise classes each week including spin classes, Zumba, boot camps and Pilates. When I need to cool off, I can enjoy relaxing by the hotel’s landmark pool or hop into the pool and join one of their aquatic fitness classes. Whatever a week in Miami holds, I know it’s going to be great."

My first look for kendra is a casual one, for going out to lunch or a bit of shopping at Coral Gables. In Miami, the heat and humidity can ruin even the best hair, so I opt for a nice braid or a neat ponytail and a bit of hairspray. Light and flowy fabrics are a must as well: 

Navy romper   /    Camel Peep toe wedge    
Casual look #2:

Miami also offers a ton of opportunties for water activities, including jet skiing, beach side lounging, and pool side r&r. For this reason, you most definitely need to bring more than one swimsuit/bikini. When I travel down to Miami, I bring at least 4 with me! 
Here is one look, perfect for the gorgeous pool at the Biltmore:

And another swimwear look for the beach :

         As well as beach days and pool lounging, Miami has nightlife galore! The ladies there are always dressed immaculately and you need to bring your A-game to the hot spots. I put this look together for a fancy dinner out followed by some dancing:

Kendra mentioned the Biltmore has amazing fitness programs available with over 100 classes offered on the property. These fitness looks are perfect for running outdoors, on the treadmill or a yoga session:

Thanks for the great opportuntiy, it was a  lot of fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Travel Attire and The Perfect White Tee

           As summer quickly approaches and travel plans and lazy weekends come into play, it's easiest when getting dressed to just grab the quick simple wardrobe for myself. I think there is something really sexy, on a guy or girl, about a perfect loose fitting white t-shirt. I am currently on the hunt for one to wear for our flight to Poland, which is a long one with a flight switch also. I want to be comfortable but at the same time I want to look great! Nothing wrong with that, right?

          I figured I would wear a pair of dark, possibly black, jeans with a white t-shirt and my snake print H&M slip ons. It's tough dressing for a flight in the middle of summer because it's probably going to be around 80 degrees outside, yet the airport and airplane are always refrigerators( I am ALWAYS cold). My family often makes fun of me for wearing scarves or sweaters in the heat of summer in the house. Luckily, they hand out those lovely blankets on flights, but just to be safe I always bring a pashmina or a light sweater also. So, here is the look I am striving for with my travel look #1:

And here is the look #2:

I don't actually own these snake print pointy flats, but would like to! They are from H&M, and for only $25, why not? You can find those here. I put a hat with both looks because after being on a plane for 9 hours your hair is going to be a scary mess. Also, I prefer no earings when flying because they get in the way of sleeping and my daughter loves to pull on them. Which look do you guys prefer? Any suggestions for the perfect white tee?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 23, 2014

First Day of Summer At the Beach

          What better way is there to spend the first day of summer than enjoying the outdoors? This past Saturday my husband and I took our daughter to one of the beautiful Rhode Island beaches. Although it wasn't warm enough for us to go in the water, she had a blast playing in the sand and just seeing the Ocean. It also gave me a chance to get a little healthy dose of sun and wear my new adorable bikini, thanks to Swimsuits Direct! We started off with a lunch at Anthony's right on Atlantic ave, which is the main street that the beaches are on. If you ever stop in to this casual beach spot and you're not afraid of a little burn, order the buffalo shrimp salad, SO good! Also, even though most of the places were sold out for parking, they let us park in their lot to eat and then walk to the beach, for a small charge(less then the other lots!).

Bikini   c/o     right here 

I particularly liked this bikini because of the shaping cups on the top and the bright summer colors. If you are smaller in bust, you know this means the world to us itty bitty booby girls! I am wearing a small in the top and a medium in the bottom. Since it has tie sides I figured it would be better than getting a size too small, and the medium fits my size 6 bottom, perfectly. The material and stitching is made in a very good quality, I think the price of this bikini ($16.80 for top, $16.80 for the bottom) would be well worth it!

Swimsuits Direct has a ton of different options and prices vary from $9.99 to around $150. They also carry kids, teen, women's,plus sizes, and cover-ups. I have a few favorite as well as a coupon code for you guys to use for 20% off your order: myhauteblog20

 Additionally, they have free shipping and free returns, Check these out here, plus lots more.

After our afternoon at the beach we headed over to downtown Westerly RI for a picnic at the park complete with fireworks and snacks. It was a pretty great time! How was everyone else's weekend?

Thanks for reading!

*This post was sponsored by Swimsuits Direct, all opinions are my own.