Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cruising Costa Brava

Poncho $29.90     /       Sunglasses      /       Similar tee

This is what I wore for a less then warm day in Tossa de Mar Spain. I really had my heart set on swimming in these gorgeous turquoise waters for months and this day turned out to be around 73 and windy. For the hike up to the castle ruins I wore just my white tee and shorts, but afterwards threw on my poncho sweater, which turned out to be a very common article of clothing for me on this trip! Tossa de Mar also has a very old quaint little town attached to the old castle, and exploring there is wonderful. After staying here for the day, we drove through the mountains to Sant Feliu de Guixols, which is an adventure in itself. Every turn and bend is a photo opportunity worthy of a postcard. Easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

Hope you have enjoyed these photos, because I loved taking them!
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Monday, October 5, 2015

What to Wear in Southern France and Spain in the Fall

        Before we left for our trip I did a bit of research as to what people wear in the locations we were visiting during the fall(I hate looking like a tourist). Since the weather is still warm for the most part but they are such fashion forward spots, I was curious whether they follow the fall fashion trends or dress for the weather. I could not find anywhere what the norm was. I found discussion boards that mention designers are big and men do NOT wear shorts, which were true, but I didn't find what I was looking for. So here you go, if you are traveling to Spain, Cannes, Nice, Monaco or the surrounding areas for the first time I got you covered!
    In Barcelona I found that all the locals definitely dress for fall. Even on the warmer days, the ladies layered knitwear and leather jackets with scarves and wore boots. You could easily tell apart a tourist because they were wearing sundresses, flipflops and shorts. The people there are a lot more casually dresses than France because the majority of them take public transport, walk or bike everywhere so flats were popular. If you insist on dressing for the weather, like I did, make sure to consider layering because nights in the fall get quite cold in between 50-40 degrees.
     Antibes, Cannes, and Nice were pretty different. These are major vacation spots so people there dressed like they were on beach vacations. It still got cool at night, though, so carrying a light jacket if you are out for the whole day is wise. The warmest day in France for us was 78 and no higher. The style was very laid back. Toulouse was more like the French style I expected. People here dress very chic and much more business like than in the South of France.
     By far the most stylish and glamorous place we visited was Monte Carlo. Here I saw huge designer names on women's AND men's shoulders and feet. Every other car was a Bentley, BMW, Ferrari or Porsche. At night, the ladies rocked furs. If you are visiting here, there is no question about it, fashion trumps weather and designers rule over all. More is more here!
     Also, like I mentioned before, it is not acceptable for men to wear shorts. It was either long pants or man capris. Women in France and Spain do not wear flip flops (unless they are a tourist). They wear different types of sandals or flats. If you plan on bringing a knock off bag or shoes with you, don't. A equally stylish,durable and affordable bag is much better than a knock off and much less tacky. Trust me, the women here will be able to tell. I can recommend the bags from H&M, they are very sturdy an,d pretty good quality for the price and look more expensive than they are. If you must have an expensive bag, consider using this site to borrow bags for your trip, or buy second hand.

                                    If you guys have any extra advice on these locations, pitch in!
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekend in Antibes, France

  I think this was the warmest day of our trips outside of Barcelona, which was perfect because I declared it a beach day. Of course, it could just have been the mojitos(which, in true southern france style, was made with champagne) talking.... The private beach owned by the AC Ambassadeur was spotless. The beach and sand was super clean as well. It is a short 2 minute walk from the actual hotel, not too bad. The pool was very nice, with a lot of lounge chairs, but not heated and it was quite cold. The service at the hotel itself is great, although they charge for EVERY single extra. We asked for silverware to feed our daughter spaghetti and they wanted to charge us 5 euro! 
Antibes is a pretty good location to stay if you want to travel to the surrounding areas like Cannes, Nice, or Monaco and generally is more affordable than staying in those places. There are endless restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops and touristy shopping .
   But possibly the best place I found was a little store on Palais des Congres. I think it was called Boutique H.17, and it is basically an outlet designer boutique. They have brand names like Michael Kors, Missoni, Moschino, Cavalli, and Barbara Bui. Here, I fell in love with a Givenchy studded peep toe bootie, a buttery green leather jacket, and Giuseppe Zanotti over the knee leather boots that my husband treated me to. They were marked down to 200 Euro! 

Our hotel lobby

the bar at the AC Ambassadeur

the infamous mojito with champagne

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What I Wore and Saw: Barcelona

   This was a day full of walking and sightseeing in Barcelona. We went to see Segrada Familia, Barrio Gotico, and all the beautiful Gaudi architecture. Not to mention all the rest of the amazing buildings that are not famously known, just incredibly beautiful. I wore jeans and flats to be comfortable with my white Goodnight Macaroon blouse and sunglasses,because here they are necessary. I have noticed that to blend in as a local you should stick to fall fashion here in Spain, regardless of the temperature. I suppose they are anticipating fall as much as all the fashionistas in the US. 

sunglasses here


La Segrada Familia

Casa Batllo

During the Barcelona festival; human towers!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day Trip to Carcassones France

         These photos are from the day we spent in Carcassones France. If anyone reading here ever gets to Barcelona, the two hour trip to this walled medieval town is more than worth it. There are photo opportunities at every turn. It's all stunning! I didn't want to overwhelm you with all the photos I got of the incredible architecture, but it is really everywhere, and photos do not do it justice. Lets not forget the restaurants, cafes, and bars which are all located in various courtyards and gardens. I had duck breast topped with foie gras drizzled in a sweet red wine sauce- it was easily one of the best meals of my life. 

Cropped top $9.90

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Stop in Spain: Santander

                                                                             Here I am!
     We have been in Spain a few days now. Our first day here we spent mostly trying to catch up on sleep. We took an overnight flight and arrived in the morning and got almost zero sleep on the flight. We spent a good two hours in line for passport control and another hour searching for our luggage. Friday we drove up to Santander, which is stunningly beautiful, to attend a wedding. We stayed at the Bahia Hotel. Sunday we drove around and my husband showed me around his old stomping ground while sighing from nostalgic feelings. Afterwards, we continued driving back down and sideways to Toulouse and Carcassone in France. Carcassone is quickly becoming a favorite place for me in France.
In our hotel room in Santander. El Hotel Bahia

After wedding party on a boat. 

my "breakfast"

I have found my new residence...

The view from our hotel room
Valor chocolates

Santander beach

El Hotel Sardinero in Santander 

I will post part II of this trip (the french part) tomorrow!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Fall Fashion Must Haves

5 fall fashion must haves

      It's so hard to believe that it is almost September, especially since I feel like my summer just started. What inspired me to do this post was my most recent purchase which was this poncho, for under $30. It really made me realize how quickly fall was approaching. Above are the top 5 fall fashion must haves from my point of view. Over the knee boots, poncho sweaters, flared pants, chunky over sized knits, and flowery boho dresses. These five pieces can give your closet a major update and combined with other basics that I'm sure are in your closet already, create endless looks.

                                                    Thanks for reading!