Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Evening in New Haven's Thali with Somrus

        Often times food and alcohol goes hand in hand with fashion, especially when its at a trendy spot in a fun city with amazing food. I had the pleasure of attending a food and drink tasting at Thali in New Haven Connecticut. The food was paired with a new Indian liqueur, Somrus. It's a blend of cardamom, rose, almond, pistachios, saffron in cream and Caribbean rum. It is gluten free and certified Kosher and has already won multiple awards.

Gobi Manchurian 
Cauliflower in spicy cilantro garlic sauce.
Amchur potatoes and green peas in handmade pastry
served with Somrus on the rocks

Shrimp kabob with Saag
Shrimp sauteed with butter over a bed of Indian style spinach.
Served with Kama Sutra, which is Somrus, Chambord, and Green Chartreuse. 

Chicken Tikka Masala 

Kadai Ghost (goat)
Served with Mayan Rickshaw, which is Somrus with Casamigos Reposado

After dinner we had tea with a bit of the liqueur. 

All the food was really delicious and the drinks were phenomenal. I highly suggest it if you like rose lassi's or rasmalai, it has that very familiar creamy rose taste. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Nautical Striped Skirt

On our second to last day at the beach house we had a little 
 party for a couple of birthdays in the family. 
It was sad to leave after such a fun week spent with family that we don't get to see too much.

This is the skirt that I designed and made myself (pattern too)! It turned out pretty great, I really love the fabric and fit. 

Blouse here $17.90

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

To The Beach!!

Here are just a few photos from this week at the beach house in CT! We have been lucky and had great weather all week long. I went kayaking for the first time ever, and the house is absolutely gorgeous! We are so blessed to be able to spend this week with family here. 

This is what I wore for a nice dinner out to Stone House in Guilford CT. 
Pants here, sold out(similar). Yellow blouse  Here

                                New Tower at Ground Zero. We also saw the memorial museum.

                                                        Sunrise from the beach house.

                              Views of the sound and surrounding houses at the beach house. Interior post/architecture photos to follow!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Paul Fredrick and Wedding Attire Decoded

    Today's post is just as much for the guys as it is for the ladies. I'm talking about wedding attire and the dress codes. Some  people have been to so many weddings they have deciphered this dress code, others not so much. Most of our friends are already married, so I had the pleasure of attending many a wedding parties. But, there is always that one girl who is wearing white, or worse, the skankiest thing possible. Likewise, there are guys that wear jeans for a semi-formal dress code or linen in winter(just why). This is why Paul Fredrick made this handy chart for the (clueless) gentlemen who will be attending weddings this season. 

I am here to decipher this for the (somewhat clueless) ladies. 

Untitled #16


     If an invite says black tie formal dress code, for ladies that usually means a gown. This gown does not have to be floor length, but equally elegant. If you are with a date, you want to match their level of formal. The above gowns range in prices from low to high (but not designer high). You should not have to spend your entire paycheck on your gown. The teal gown above is a Badgley Mischka gown from Rent the Runway for $125 (to rent), which is a great place to go if you have champagne taste, on a beer budget! The season usually does not matter for this dress code, but if it is winter a beautiful, fancy long coat or heavy wrap will work.

Untitled #17


A knee length or midi dress is perfect for a semi-formal wedding. Usually, you would hold off on floral prints or pastels for the spring and summer seasons. A low-high heel is appropriate, and to me, required. No flip-flops here, girls! If you are ever in doubt, the little black dress is always a YES, just make sure it's not too little.

Untitled #18

The casual/outdoor wedding mystifies me, I have yet to attend one of these, but, I look forward to one in 2016. You can really have fun with this one, pair a fun short summer dress with a wedge/espadrille or a long summer dress with flats. These types of weddings usually take place in the warmer months or tropical destinations so soft flowy fabrics and floral prints/ pastels all work.

Gentlemen, make sure to check out Paul Fredrick for their great custom fit (custom here)dress shirts for all your wedding attire needs, or just everyday! Ladies, fathers day is coming up, and they have some great styles for gifting plus 20% off orders over $200.

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PS.. Next week we will be hanging out at a gorgeous beach house for the week!! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What I Wore: Polka Dot Twill Shorts

Shorts HM  striped version here  $12.95! They have these in stores, but not found online.  Top is Goodnight Macaroon. Jacket is Guess, but about ten years old. So, I consider this a small step towards mixing patterns. I told you all I was a bit intimidated by it so, baby steps! 

I wore this Friday evening for a stroll in the park, afterwards we grabbed some ice cream in an old school style ice cream shop. 

Thought I would throw this in, too... Cuz why not?

Enjoy your weekend
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