Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Fall Fashion Must Haves

5 fall fashion must haves

      It's so hard to believe that it is almost September, especially since I feel like my summer just started. What inspired me to do this post was my most recent purchase which was this poncho, for under $30. It really made me realize how quickly fall was approaching. Above are the top 5 fall fashion must haves from my point of view. Over the knee boots, poncho sweaters, flared pants, chunky over sized knits, and flowery boho dresses. These five pieces can give your closet a major update and combined with other basics that I'm sure are in your closet already, create endless looks.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Day at The Outer Banks

         Here are a few photos from our road trip to the Outer Banks yesterday. It was beautiful with so many beaches to visit and places to see. We decided last minute we should extend our stay and find a hotel so we can stay another day. We literally called every hotel, motel, and inn within 15 miles and every single one was booked solid. So I guess that says something about the area! 
     The reason we originally planned to make the two hour drive to Kitty Hawk was because of Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives (the show). My husband and I were watching Guy and he visited the Black Pelican and the food looked great, so we decided to try it. The seafood risotto was sooo good, and their upstairs deck is pet friendly so we took our dog with us for the day. There are a lot of beaches in the area that are pet friendly as well! 

Photo courtesy of food network

                                                                            Palm Trees!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The History of Fashion Week

       Fashion week intrigues me. Ever since my very early college days to the present, I have followed along with the evolving looks on the catwalks. I would fantasize about my collection, the looks, inspiration and the music paired with it. There is something so magical and captivating about each one show; the mood, the music, attitude. It's almost like a play and the models are actors. This is what many people don't understand about fashion, or rather, the shows themselves. The things we see on couture runways aren't meant to be worn out on the street (unless you're Lady GaGa), they are art. As a matter of fact, even many RTW(ready to wear) pieces can't be pulled off by the average. They aren't weird or crazy (well, sometimes they are on purpose), they are unique art pieces from the designers mind that came to life.

        Fashion week wouldn't be what it is today without the models. The first designer to use models to present his collections to clients was English born designer Charles Frederick Worth in Paris in 1858. He is considered by many to be the creator of Haute Couture. America's first fashion show was put on by Ehrich Brothers, a shop in NYC, in1903. All the major department stores followed this trend that was being done in Paris couture salons for years.  Because of the War, the fashion industry elite could not travel to Paris to view the fashions, as a result Eleanor Lambert launched the first fashion press week in 1943 to showcase American designers. Fashion week, as we know it today, was essentially started in 1944 when an official fashion calendar was comprised by Ruth Finley to detail the events. This is what brought all designers, editors, and buyers together to form the spectacle we are used to seeing twice a year in NYC. Milan followed in 1975, and London in 1984.

      Before Bryant Park and the Lincoln Center, the shows were held at various hotels, lofts, and galleries. Bryant Park became the location for the shows in 1994 with Mercedes Benz becoming the sponsor for the events in 2007. The upgrade to Lincoln Center took place in 2010. Which brings us to our current position, with Mercedes Benz dropping out as a sponsor, NY Fashion Week will most likely change a bit from here on out. This is sad news, for me and most bloggers who are trying to get in there, since the registration process for the events will be a bit different now. Coincidentally, this was the year I said I was going to try and register to get in there. Figures, right? Nevertheless, I look forward to watching along on my little computer screen come September because this is my drug.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

What I Wore: Leather and Pinstripe

Here is what I wore yesterday to the Mariners Museum here in Virginia. It started off cool, gloomy and rainy and ended up gorgeous and sunny. I was ready, though, with layers. We had originally planned to head to the outer banks in North Carolina, but the weather there was not cooperating. Check out instagram next weekend because that's when we postponed it for. 
     Sweater: H&M
Shoes: Zara
                Buttoned Blouse: here
             Bag: Vintage Chanel

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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Cold Shoulder

       Shoes: here, in multiple colors. 
Top: Guess, a few years old
Bag: H&M

Here is my look for a dinner out in Virginia. We went to a spot called Circa 1918 in Newport News. I have been longing for a little spot like this since everything here is very industrial and over established with chains and tacky restaurants. This one was spot on! Cute, little, and the food is amazing! The top I wore is Guess and although it is a few years old, I think its on trend since baring the shoulder is back in style now. The jeans were a clean cuffed pair I found at TJ Maxx and distressed and ripped  myself. The shoes are linked above. 

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Buckroe Beach, Virginia

             Our first adventure here in Virginia included a trip to the beach and some great seafood. Virginia is apparently well known for its soft shell crab, and I have to say, it's weird to eat it with a shell, but it is really good! Crunchy, but not as hard as you may think.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forever 21 Gift Card Giveaway Winner!

       So the other day we road tripped to Virginia and now we are here at our home away from home for a little while. Can I just say? Damn. It's hot out here! In an attempt at wearing as little clothes as possible without being arrested, I put the above look together. We are in Newport News, but stay tuned for some adventures outside of the city. If anyone has any recommendations for restaurants/shops that aren't chains, let me know.

       Outside of those news, I have the winner for the giveaway contest for the Forever 21 gift card and it is.....  ........ ............................ Elena1509 (instagram)...................................... 
Thank you for entering and following along on Bloglovin and instagram! I want to let you guys know I did this for you, from me. It's not sponsored. I just appreciate what readers I do have, so thank you so much!

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