Thursday, March 24, 2016

Affordable Spring Bags I'm Loving

          Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. I have been on the hunt for an affordable summer bag, something that is not black. I have a few black bags that I use repeatedly and would love something in a brighter different color. I have nothing against Michael Kors bags, but I feel like everyone has them now and they aren't 'special'. So, those are out. I am into bucket bags right now for certain days because I can throw in everything I need and I can still fit some things for my daughter in there, too.
        I tend to gravitate towards the ones I could never afford, and my husband would kill me if I spent over $300 on a bag, so the ones I am interested in are all under that price range. Let me know which ones you guys like!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

What I Wore; Black and White Linen Blends

This is what I wore the day before we left Virginia to come up to CT and it was a gorgeous day with a high of 80 degrees. Sadly, when we got to CT the temperature dropped into the 40's and Sunday we are getting snow. It's so weird to think that there can be such a drastic difference between the two states since they are only 6 hours apart. 
I found this skirt at H&M on sale with a $10 sticker, but online it is shown for $17. Either way, it is a nice fit and pretty good thick woven material. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Denim for 2016; Cropped, Flared, Wide

As sad as I am about this, I have to tell you ladies, the skinny jean is on its way out. For the upcoming spring season and onward it will be all about the culottes, wide leg, boot cuts, and bells.And what's worse is the trend to pair them with flats. Trust me, as someone who is on the short leg side, I'm not thrilled. It is so much harder to pull off these looks, in my opinion. The one solution for the people under 5'5" is big tall heels. Seeing as how I do not have the funds to completely change my wardrobe season to season, you will still be seeing me in my skinnies. This is not new to this season, however. This trend started last year and is definitely carrying over, but the next few seasons will be the last for skinny jeans all together, just like the bell bottom died in 2000.



      Shop these popular looks:

                                                                              Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Southern Chic Wedding

        In my previous post, I mentioned being excited about some upcoming weddings and I have been thinking about one in particular a lot. Mostly because it is soon, but also because the bride is letting the girls in the wedding party pick their own dresses. I really love this idea! You pick something you love, something that fits your body in particular, and everyone has their own unique look. The wedding is in North Carolina and I'm calling it country chic. The bride has chosen gold, champagne, sequins and metallics for the bridesmaid dresses. This girl has really great style, and she loves interior decorating so I'm sure her wedding will be absolutely gorgeous.
       These are a couple of the styles and looks we are going for:


                   Adrianna Papell                                                                                  Also, Adrianna Papell


         Badgley Mischka (RTR $120)                                                           Badgley Mischka (RTR $80)


                                                                     Badgley Mischka (RTR $70)

After seeing the crazy cheap prices of renting these amazing designer dresses, I think I am going to go for Rent the Runway. I normally would not be able to afford a gown like this to buy with the retail price being $700 and up, especially not for a one time thing. I haven't used Rent the Runway previously, but, while checking out the website I noticed they do an unlimited account. For $139 a month you can rent unlimited looks from the site. I do think I am going to try this out a few times, and the month of the wedding may be very well worth it since I am already paying about $100 just to rent the dress for the one occasion. Only $40 more I can get two more items at the very same time as this dress to wear for a rehearsal dinner or another wedding celebration. Seems worth it, right? A few things from the website I am crazy about:




                                          Seems almost too good to be true, right?!
I'm almost positive many of the more expensive designer pieces aren't available for the Unlimited account, and there may be a waiting list for a ton of the items(when they first started Unlimited, there was a wait list just to get accepted!), but I found so many things I would love, maybe it won't be an issue? maybe? hopefully.. I am going to be giving this a try and getting back to you guys about it.

* this post is NOT affiliated with Rent the Runway, I just love the idea!

                                                                                   Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 19, 2016

What I Wore; Leather, lots of leather

       We are finally completely settled in at our new place in Virginia! We found a great apartment really close to plenty of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. It's a bit smaller than our home back in CT, but it makes up for that with giant walk in closets, a pool, and a gym. So, I guess that means I am now obligated to get in shape.
        Yesterday was my birthday, and I figured it was a good time to come back to the blog world! There are a few exciting things coming up that I am looking forward to. The big one being the move here and meeting new people. A few others are a bunch of weddings happening in the next year, and traveling to celebrate those involved. We are also planning a short stay in the Outer Banks with some friends, possibly, in the next two months. If you know me or have read here before, you know how much I love planning travel outfits and packing (and traveling ANYWHERE in general!).

      My look for yesterday was a little bit rock/edgy with somewhat gothic makeup. You would think  that the weather would be somewhat pleasant since we are "south", but fun fact, it's still cold...

                                              Blazer     here ( on sale)   You can't see it but I am wearing a blazer under the jacket that comes with a tassel tie belt, that I have been using as a choker necklace.     
                        Top  Here (on sale, too!)     $12.99, in black and white
    Jacket (similar)   Here       On sale for $35
Boots are Giuseppe Zanotti, but similar here   for $134. 

In retrospect, even though these boots provided extra warmth, I think I would replace them with regular black pumps or booties and reserve these tall boots for dresses and skirts. 

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Clearogen Review + Giveaway; Cleanser, Toner, and Acne Lotion

Hey everyone, today I have another review plus giveaway for you guys! As I told you previously, I have a ton of items I've been wanting to review and I wanted to do this one sooner, but I had to give it the fullest amount of time to really give a good honest review. I am talking about the Clearogen cleanser that I have been using since just about the beginning of November. So, without any more babbling.... Here you go!
I really liked this product and would suggest the cleanser, I only tried out the cleanser and the acne lotion but I assume with the toner, you would get even better results. You can find their products here on their website, or at Sephora. The Revivogen company also makes RejuveMD which is a skin serum specializing in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is another one I was gifted by the company, but have only been using it for about two weeks and need to give it a lot more time. I am really excited about this one because I am heading into my 30's (Aaaaaaahhhh) and wrinkles scare me, quite frankly! So that one will be coming up within the next two months. 

If you are interested in entering this giveaway, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel, and comment so I know who you are! 

Thanks for watching, thanks for reading and happy holidays everyone!!! 

Update as of March:
This was really drying out my skin and irritating it to the point of peeling. I have since started using the Fresh Soy Cleanser and added a toner, with just coconut oil to moisturize afterwards. It has worked to replenish the moisture, the cleanser is not very drying and it hardly bubbles. It is much more of a cream cleanser. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Denim Love

        So, currently, denim is having a moment. Jeans are a classic staple that never go out of style, but it has been a while since a head to toe denim look has been in style. Everything from denim shirts to full on denim boots have been seen on runways and in the pages of fashion magazines. Styles, cuts, and colors have come a long way but the 501 Levi's are still one of the most well known pants world wide. Have you ever wondered about the history of jeans? They go back much further than most people know.
        Levi Strauss originally came from Germany to join his brother in the dried goods business, where among other things they sold cotton cloth. One of their customers, Jacob Davis, was a tailor who ordered a pair of strong pants made with rivets that could withstand hard labor. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis became business partners and patent the creation in 1873. At the time, they were mostly worn by miners, farmers, and cowboys.
        In 1914-1939, they gained popularity from western films. In the 1950's it was Marlon Brando that made the 501's super cool and edgy. After that, pretty much everyone hopped onto that train and hippies, rock stars, moms and everyone in between was wearing them!
       When I don't know what to wear, I always grab a pair of jeans, or jean shorts and I'm sure i am not alone in this. You also do not need to spend a ton on good denim! My favorite pair is from H&M and they were $10... on the other end of the scale I have also spent $300 on jeans, and I can tell you, it doesn't make a big difference. I have picked a few styles below from various price points that are some of my faves, especially the denim dress.

                                                         What is your favorite piece of fashion history?

                                                                                    Thanks for reading!