Monday, August 18, 2014

OOTD: Monday Shopping


Today, we went out for a little bit of shopping. First we stopped in to look at curtains and upholstery fabrics, because the prices are so much better here. Poland still does not use the Euro, so shopping here is worth while, and so much fun because everything is so different than in the U.S.

The chambray blouse and shorts are both H&M. Shoes and earrings are Zara. Purse is Cynthia Rowley.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Poland Thus Far

    My vacation has been really great so far, we are spending a lot of time with family and taking in all the nostalgic views. The weather has been awful though with rains and mini thunderstorms scattered throughout the days. We are only here for a few more days and then it's time to go back home. This post is extremely photo heavy, so I apologize for those who do not want to see the pictures.

                                                      A pre-war building, so much history!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fall and Winter 2014 Fashion

              It's almost that weird time of year in fashion where everyone gets confused and panicked on what to wear in-between seasons. When summer is not quite over, but some days it's cool enough for fall. Or when it's like summer temperatures well into October. The new fall trends do transition well from summer, since there are lighter colors and shorter styles. Since I am much less 'avant garde' I don't get too wild like a few looks on the runway. I most often will transition with pairing a sweater with shorts or a skirt, or wearing booties with jeans and a light top but when the nights tend to cool down I will grab a leather jacket or a blazer and just layer. Luckily, this transition into fall season may be a bit easier since the styles are a bit less dark and heavy and more reminiscent of spring.

            I noticed quite a bit of pastel and neon colors on trend for the fall season, so you don't have to bag all of your clothes from the spring and summer.

As if designers heard our cry, on trend for fall is also another spring staple: florals and floral embroidery.

  Another big one for this fall and winter that I noticed is the mod 60's look, with very short hemlines, paired with equally mod boots and coats. You can wear it now with summer appropriate shoes and minus the coat. 

So you see, there are many ways to wear your fall fashions right now in the heat of summer. If you don't care about transitioning and just want to jump right in, the next half is for you!

Sheer midi and full skirts
This is a big one, because the sheer looks are everywhere and in everything right now, from dresses to skirts to blouses. When attempting this look, keep it minimal and monotone in darker colors. Understandably, not everyone can pull this look off, but it is hot!

Fuzzy Outerwear 
Not quite categorized as fur, not quite a shearling, it's just fuzzy. 

Head to Toe Knits
This, with the sheer trend, is among my favorites. It looks so very comfy but chic. I can not help but picture reading a good book with a cup of tea snuggled up and looking good in one of these. 

      Looking forward to seeing the runway trends for next season in September!

                                                              Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Angel, Stormy.

   Just to give an update on the last couple of weeks which have been extremely emotional and stressful, our little family got a bit smaller as a few days ago we had to say goodbye to our beloved baby Storm.
       She was so much more than our dog, she was a family member and we loved her dearly. She was not even 5 yet but a couple of weeks ago we noticed she was very lethargic and slow and could not make it up and down stairs. We did blood work and nothing looked alarmingly wrong to 3 different vets. This past Monday she could not walk and when she tried to get up, she walked in circles to her left and fell over. We were quickly sent to the emergency 24 hour vet where a neurologist looked her over and determined a MRI and spinal tap is needed. After the MRI she did not recover well from the anesthesia and was too weak for the spinal tap. They did notice that her brain was inflamed and swollen and basically causing her entire body to shut down. She had also suffered 2 seizures while at the hospital. Not knowing what was causing it, they could not treat it. They would have to do the spinal tap, which she would definitely not survive. Eventually she stopped breathing on her own and went into a coma like state. 
   They said it was most likely an auto immune disease which would kill her in the next few months even if she did recover this time. We had to make the most difficult decision of our life and say good night to our furry little angel forever at 2:45 am early Tuesday. 
    I was always hoping she would grow up with our daughter and they would be best friends. We thought she would live a long life and eventually we would have to say good-bye, but I never expected it to be this soon. I feel like it was just yesterday that we brought her home and taught her how to walk up the big stairs, potty trained her, taught her numerous tricks. She was such a good smart dog, and such a cuddle bug. Everywhere I look I remember her and see her out of the corner of my eye or hear the jingling of her collar and expect to meet her puppy eyed brown stare somewhere. But she is gone, and it is extremely hard to come to terms with. Do not take your pets for granted today, tomorrow they could be gone and you will be wishing you can hear that annoying bark, or hope to see another chewed up shoe or piece of mail. 

this was love at first sight. My husband quickly determined this was our dog when she protected him for another dog trying to bite him :)
how tiny she was on her first day at home with us!
Getting kisses at my bridal shower

Rest in Peace angel! I'm so sorry we could not do more for you, love.

Friday, July 18, 2014

TGIF: Date Night Looks

      In honor of Friday and the weekend, I wanted to create some really fun date night looks. Having a child it makes it harder to get out and enjoy date nights, but when they do come along I try to go all out. I came up with two different looks, one is a glam girly look and the other is a little bit rock and roll. Both appeal to me because I am a little bit of both and regularly switch between the two, among other looks as well.  The first is the girly look with a cropped bustier top and skinny jeans with seductive red lips and patent heels to match :

Crop stripe top -Clover Canyon    /    J Brand skinnies     /    Jessica Simpson pumps      /      Bracelet - She Inside     /     Earings

The second look is a combo of leather and the effortless look of a white tee in a dress version paired with gold accents. It would also be fun to layer a long sleeve sweater on lop of the dress and under this leather vest for the colder weather coming up within a couple months :

         Dress- Goodnight Macaroon    /       Leather jacket/vest       /       Derek Lam bootie- on sale!     
                                                                   fab 90's style tacky earings :)

Hope you guys enjoy these looks, and I hope everyone has a wonderful, fun and safe weekend!

                                                                         Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday: What I Wore

Another quick Outfit of the day post.

Today, I went out for a spontaneous little lunch date and threw this together but I thought it looked very cute so I decided to share. I am wearing high waisted jeans and a very plain white top. I accessorized heavily with a chain belt and the leopard print sneakers. This little lace bra is also too beautiful to hide. 

I was going for a rock and roll casual chic look.

Pants and top are both H&M. The sneakers are Cynthia Rowley. 

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Brand: KMercurio Italian Leather Handbags

      So today I want to talk about some gorgeous bags. A friend of a friend of mine has started a new handbag line. I am really excited for her, but also more excited because these bags are really beautiful! They are of very good quality and made in Italy with fine leathers. Here is a bit about Kayla and the new brand:

'Kayla Mercurio is a Naturalized U.S. Citizen of Italian and Filipino ancestry. As an infant, she was adopted and raised in the United States.
As a child, she always showed an interest in the arts and fashion design. Now she has brought these interests together to release a line of handbags that are manufactured in Italy from fine Italian leather as the KMercurio brand.
She hopes that you will find the bags she has chosen to be of high quality and as exciting as she does. She presents the following bags as her current offering and will be continually choosing new styles to add to the line at frequent intervals.'

                                          Just a few of my favorites:

I am a sucker for a nice neutral tone, but there are a few in vibrant beautiful colors. As of right now the price range is $140- $292, but for this quality it is surely worth it! They have free shipping to 48 US states as of right now. Bags do come with a 1 year warranty and cleaning/repair options afterwards. All bags come with a dust bag as well. Be sure to keep an eye out for more styles, as of right now the site is bare since they are brand spanking new as of today! 
                                       Check out the new site here, or to purchase one of these bad boys.