Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Shopping Trip; What I Wore

          This weekend my husband and I finished up some Christmas shopping as well as attended a baby shower for our very close friends. This is what I wore for our shopping trip and lunch:

The sweater is Old Navy, on sale, found here. I layered it with a flouncy Goodnight Macaroon top from This post, and added a leather string tie type of belt to give a bit more shape and interest.

As much as I love exploring little hole in the wall establishments with yummy authentic food, I have a weak spot for this amazing chain restaurant... Cheesecake Factory!! It is SO good!


 The baby shower was a jack and jill, and not your typical shower. It was held at a restaurant and had a hollywood theme, since both parents are into theater and acting. I don't have any photos of what I wore to the shower, but the plan was this dress from HM:

I wanted to wear it with a loose fit sweater, black high socks, and black boots. I decided it was a bit risque for a baby shower and threw on some jeans and belted it to make it more of a blouse. It worked, but I am still determined to wear this as a dress, maybe in California.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Travel Looks; LA style

           I love the holiday season, it's my favorite time of the year and I am super excited to be spending it in California this year, not only with my husbands wonderful family, but also my mom and dad! They are going to join us for a big family holiday in LA. They have never been anywhere in the US besides the north east, so this should be lots of fun.

         As usual, I am starting to plan what to pack and we will be there for 10 days, so planning ahead is a good idea. I always plan what to wear for travel day first, so I don't put that on my packing list and pack it by accident and then have to dig through the entire suitcase last minute (nightmare). I came up with two different looks, one casual, and one still casual but more 'put together' and tailored.


And this is the other look:

Travel Look 1

           I am never one to wear sweat pants or leggings on a flight, I want to look nice AND be comfortable if it's a longer flight. You never know who will be sitting next to you! Which look do you guys prefer?

                                                                 Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 24, 2014

What I Wore: Leather Skirt and Thigh High Socks

              While out trying to take these photos, I turned my new camera on only to find out that my SD card had been destroyed by someone with sharp little teeth.... We had to resort to taking photos with my husband's phone camera. We will definitely have to head back to this bridge on another day because there was so much potential, but the photos did not turn out the best and for that I apologize. You get the jist of the look, though!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Looks; Casual and Elegant


       I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, whether prepping for Thanksgiving or just having a chill relaxing time-out. I wanted to come up with two different outfits (one casual, one elegant) to inspire some holiday looks for myself and potential readers. Here is what I came up with:

Casual Holiday Look

Long length sweater

Acne Studios genuine leather boots
$630 -

Leather crossbody

18k gold earrings

J Crew cap hat

Denis Colomb scarve

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup

Glamorous Holiday Look

Valentino mini dress
$3,285 -

Coast fitted coat
$150 -

Cotton socks

Rupert Sanderson black shoes

Forever 21 headband

Burberry lipstick

                                                              Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Wore: 11-16-14, Sunday Brunch


I wore this out for brunch with the family to celebrate my mom's birthday this past Sunday. 
The blouse is nasty gal from last year you can see it here, but it's sold out. The cardigan jacket is from Poland, but similar here for $25.99. 

Also wanted to share a new purchase with you guys! I am so excited to have gotten these boots. I don't usually buy shoes from Forever 21, but these are beautiful and only $32!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

What I Wore: 11-15-14, Wedding Edition and Eshakti Review.

       A little while ago I was asked to do a review for eShakti and I picked out a beautiful dress that I just had the perfect opportunity to wear. This past weekend my husband and I went to a wedding of one of his best friends. I wanted a dress that was classy and a little bit sexy, but still age and wedding appropriate. I decided on the Morgan dress :
Morgan dress

The thing about this company that is different than most online retailers is that you can do some customization with your order.  For example, you could change the sleeve length or the hemline. 

This is how I styled it with dangling earings, a gold belt, and gold strappy heels. I wore my hair in a low ponytail to show off the decorative neckline of the dress. 

         Overall, I would say I was happy with the company. The ordering and shipping process was very easy and I got the dress rather quickly. It fit me perfectly through out and the only thing I would have changed( and ended up doing myself) was the length. I mentioned I wanted it to be 2 inches above the original hem, and I'm not sure if the dress was just very long for my 5'4 frame or if they forgot to hem, but the length was still a centimeter below my knees. I hemmed it to be about an inch shorter in the front than the back and took about 2 inches off the back.

         I would not recommend this dress if you have to drive for a while to where ever you are heading. It wrinkles quickly and the cap sleeves have no stretch to lift up your arms while driving. With that being said, I do like the fact that this dress is cotton and it feels very crisp and fresh and can be great for those with sensitive skin or allergies to synthetic materials.
*edit: POCKETS! One of the best parts of this dress, and it was a total surprise until I went to hem it, you can't really see them because of the fullness.

      The website can be great for people who have a hard time finding clothes to suit their needs; If you are larger on top and small on bottom, if you love a dress, but wish it had sleeves, if you want something a bit longer or shorter due to your height, this company can help you! Check it out, they have plenty of very cute styles and something for everyone.

                                                                 Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What I Wore: 11-8-14

             I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! It got very brisk all of a sudden, and I am freezing my butt off over here on the east coast. I am very excited to be heading to California next month to defrost. Just wanted to share what I wore this Saturday for an early dinner date and a walk through the park with my husband and daughter.

The coat(few years old)  and shoes are both Zara. Leather look leggings from Forever 21. 

A very old turtleneck sweater that I made new by cutting it, making it a cropped sweater. And the white shirt is of course my husbands! I love borrowing from his closet, there are some gems in there. 

Visit next week, we are going to our friends wedding and I have a review!

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